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Anonymous asked: I've been reading all this drama about your hair and just wanted to say. Screw people. You're adorable. Have a wonderful day.

Thank you, nice anon. You have a great day too!

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hellol0sers asked: I'm African, & my history, my grandfathers, started the dread movement, just know I have facts. I don't like the fact that white people appropriate a culture without even knowing the meaning behind it. I don't like them appropriating it period. It's strange that white people like to lessen & dumb down certain aspects to "it's just a hairstyle" "it's just clothes", it's pure ignorance. Tell me, before you do a quick google search, what do you know about dreads & why get them? Thanks. Xo

First of all, I am not an american. You didn’t say I was, but I would like to make it clear that I’ve never been outside of Europe. Where I come from, multiculture is encouraged. Where I come from, dreads are NOT associated with black and/or african people. Our passports do not say what “race” we are since we learn from an early age that everyone’s the same on the inside and the outside doesn’t matter. We don’t believe in splitting people up, because we are all humans with the same rights. My ancestors also had dreads and I can tell you that it was not in the purpose of appropriating other cultures. Dreads have been around for a long time in different parts of the world who had no connection to each other, that’s why who started it is irrelevant for me. There’s always someone who’s first with something, that’s how things work. For ME, it’s just a hairstyle. For some, it’s a religious symbol or a heritage, and that’s okay. Everything has a different meaning to people. I don’t see how I’m stealing anyones culture, because I really don’t. I wear the hair my ancestors also wore, I am NOT calling myself rastafari or anything. I call my hair dreads because I simply know no other name for it that people would understand, though I’m aware that the word originally came from the rastafari movement.
Why do I wear dreads? Simple. Because it’s comfortable and looks the same every morning and I don’t need to shower it every day with products that are non vegan for my hair to look okay. This way I can be fully vegan AND have my hair look decent.

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with0ut-a-cause asked: Keep fighting the good fight if anybody actually read anything you wrote instead of looking at your fucking hairstyle it's pretty clear that you are nothing even resembling a racist

Thank you. I’ve never heard that dreads could be racist ever in my entire life before this one group on tumblr started saying that they were. The black man stopping the car just to tell me that my dreads look amazing certainly didn’t tell me. Neither did the two black men at the store who (at different occations) wanted to take me out on a date. Or the ones at the refugee camp I’ve been at a couple of times to entertain them with live music for free. And the black guy in my class had never heard dreads were racist either and was really surprised to hear what people actually write to me.